I provide commissioned art and art advisory packages to Interior Design Professionals and Architects who may not have a firm hold on what artwork to source or where to go to acquire quality pieces.

Because we believe so strongly in the relevance of a well-crafted space, we want to share our knowledge of interior design and fine art with our fellow designers, and help you deliver the best possible product for your clients.  Our effort is to bring "Artwork and Accessories" higher up on the list of priorities when designing interior spaces. 

This article I wrote gives you tips on how you can elevate your projects, and how we can help.

Our Custom Commission and Curation Packages take inventory of your project, your fabrics, colors, lighting, location, design aesthetic and the energy of the clients. 


We function solely as your art advisor and curator in the project and come into the space with purely how the artwork can accentuate your design. We include a non-compete agreement when working with other interior designers, as to avoid any confusion in roles.

The first step is a Fitting Call.  This is a 30 minute call to determine your needs, explain how the process works, and review our Curation Fees. 


We schedule an on-site consultation with you & the clients where we gather all of the necessary details, and provide you with a Custom Proposal & Implementation Report that provides all of the details on the art pieces, frames, lighting, and installation guidelines.  

The final proposal is delivered, agreed, and then I create any commissions and procure the assets.  Once the artwork is completed, framed, and the lighting is delivered, we schedule installation with your office.

It's a very straightforward process that takes the whole "art" element off of your shoulders.  Your clients will be impressed by the breath of your services.  It's a win for all parties involves, and the industry as a whole!