What’s the secret to good interior design?  It’s the FEELING. 


You know, that feeling when you walk into a space and it feels like a hug.  You exhale, and sense a warmth and open energy around you.  That’s when you know it’s done.  I’ve had clients call me and say, “Eryn, I’ve been doing this room for a year, and for some reason it’s still not done.”  They know it, but they don’t know why.


I know why.  I know the important layers that go into finishing a space. My virgo nature organizes the project into a nice package.  My GWU Business Degree is ever present, guiding my clients how to invest the money into the right pieces the room needs.  It’s not about getting the most expensive things. No, if a piece is not what you love, you won’t feel good.  But when there’s something there, that triggers your sense of accomplishment, you’ll want to accomplish more – in and out of that room.   You’ll feel it.

A good space is like music.  The room will tell you what it needs.  Some people can hear it.  I remember the first time I found out that what I had was a gift.  I am fortunate to know an internationally renowned architect, who established one of the top architectural building companies in California.  One day, I was showing him one of my projects, and he said to me, “The fireplace is crying. She’s upset that you didn’t pay attention to her.”  I didn’t.  I left the brick and mantle as it was and concentrated on what was around it. 


I absorbed his critique and recognized what he saw immediately.  But I also realized in that moment that he hears the room like I do.   At that moment, I knew that all of the tables, and the rugs, and the chairs, and the lights that have been talking to me for all these years were telling me where they wanted to be.  And THAT is what makes the room feel good.  It is when all of the elements in the space live and sing together in harmony.  So after a decade of experience in creating spectacular spaces, I trust what I hear. It's a gift, and I love to help my clients listen to their spaces as well.  I make the room sing to them.

I tap into your energy field and select the pieces that are going to work together that support you, that trigger you, that come together in harmony to make you feel amazing.  That’s when the magic happens.  All of a sudden, you’re living your best life – every time you walk into that space.  Our clients call us and tell us they've gotten a raise because of how much better they performed in their office.  It actually happens like that. 

I established Elan Design in 2016 with my daughters in the forefront of my mind. My vision is to establish a global design house where interiors, art, fashion, and food live.  I want us to be the image of what it is to bring beauty (in whatever form) and love into the world. I know what I feel when I create, and I see the same in them. I am building Elan Design so together we may thrive, contribute to the common good, and feel joy in our work everyday.​

Our team can help you get your house together - finished, and gorgeous, and customized to your family.

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