How do you know if you have great interior design? 


It’s the FEELING you get when you're in the space.   It’s the fine details that imprint on your memory and connect you to your space. It’s the feel of a luxe bath mat beneath your feet as you step out of your morning shower, the midday sun illuminating your favorite commissioned art piece, the weight of your crystal cocktail glass in your hand at the end of your day - all sensations that are crafted by elevated design.

I tap into your energy field and select the pieces that are going to work together that support you, that provide visual and tactile cues that make you feel amazing.  That’s when the magic happens.  All of a sudden, you’re living your best life – every time you walk into that space. 


Our clients call us and tell us they've gotten a raise because of how much better they performed in their office. Or the family is having more fun together.  It actually happens like that. 


I established Elan Design in 2016 with my daughters in the forefront of my mind. My vision is to establish a global design house where interiors, art, fashion, and food live.  I want us to be the image of what it is to bring luxury (in whatever form) and love into the world.  I am building Elan Design so together we may thrive, contribute to the common good, and feel joy in our work everyday helping our clients feel their very best every day.

Our team can help you get your house together - finished, gorgeous, and customized to you and your family.