This is a snapshot of working with a high-end designer in an abbreviated capacity.  This consultation is best for the question we hear so often, "I've been working on this room for so long, so why doesn't it feel finished?!"   Eryn is instinctual in her design choices, and advises on the best adjustments that will make a huge impact in the space.  We give you a solid plan to make the room come together.


Prior to the scheduled consultation, clients are asked to submit photos of the room, and will subsequently receive a Zoom link to meet with Principal Designer, Eryn Oruncak.   


Clients come away from this meeting with questions answered and actionable steps to elevate your space.  


"I've had other designers in here and no one did what you just did"

-Mara W.

Considering that the focus is the photo and the meetings are on zoom, we're able to help anyone, anywhere in the world.

The seed of this idea was planted when we worked on the Hampton Designer Showhouse. The Realtor tasked with selling that house told me that my room made her job easy. 

"This room makes my job easy to sell to the people that will live here."

- Emily D., Hampton's Realtor

When we renovated the Rental Unit in Northern Virginia, it turned out that Landlords have similar needs. 

 Appeal to a mass market 

Attract tenants that will care for their property

Keep the spaces in demand.  

Both realtors and renters market to their buyers / tenants through photos.  Often we see $3M+ houses with lackluster decorations.  Doesn't make sense.  We give helpful ways Realtors can elevate the way the space is photographing to highlight assets and increase traffic. 


For Renters, especially in the area of short-term housing, we offer advice and suggest specific items they can use to elevate their tenants' experience within their properties -- which increases the likelihood they'll want to stay there again.