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Elan Design Music Mix

Our mission at Elan Design is to help you craft your environment to bring health, wealth and success into your life. 

As an SIDC Certified Company in neuroaesthetics, we understand the many ways our environment impacts our mind and body.

There is infinite vibration, frequencies, and energy in the universe.  The arts, including this music mix, have limitless ways in cultivating a sense of well-being.  

My husband, Haluk, is a retired DJ. He's played in clubs in NYC, Baltimore, and DC and private parties all over. There are turntables, mixers, headphones and more screens than you can count in the house. Needless to say, dance parties are pretty common around here.

He came to me last week, and told me he made a mix for our trip to High Point Market. As I listened, it didn't sound like Elan Design. I told him that the music needed to sound like my rooms look.

After a "Music Meeting" on both calendars, I described what that sound is like:

It's smooth and classic. You feel your power but steady. There's a balance of arousal and pleasure. Repetition is for the good of the whole. And just like my rooms, I like real art. I want to hear real singing and real instruments. Polished and fun at the same time. Make it Cool.

Haluk then asked me if this was a part of my neuroaesthetics series. I hadn't thought of it like that, but yes. Neuroaesthetics considers all of our senses.

The scent of my private label candle matches one of my paintings so it has a smell. "Walking Through Flowers" appeals to my clients, from children to adults, men and women, and it compliments every room in the house.

For me, the concept of neuroaesthetics is instinctual. Considering that 95% of our perceptions are subconscious, a primary goal when creating a room is to please the senses. The aesthetics speak to the feelings I want to evoke in that environment. This whole body - mind energy comes from all of the sensory cues.

This Elan Mix was created with my friends in the interior design community in mind as we head to High Point Spring Market. It represents the love and the work that goes into building our companies to create spaces that inspire and rejuvenate people around the world.

Enjoy. It's cool.

Sending love and luxury,


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