Eryn Oruncak for R Rogers Designs


This year, I worked with R Rogers Designs to make a custom mirror for a client's living room.  I discovered R Rogers last Fall when I went to my first High Point Market.  I searched high and low for an antique mirror, and R Rogers were one of the few sources I found. 

Since R Rogers does custom pieces, I designed this mirror specifically for the space. When all was complete,  Rodney said he liked the look of it and was making one for Fall Market.  An entrepreneur through and though, my GW Business School degree serves me well and we made a deal to license the design.

I so proud to tell you about the "Elan Mirror" for a few reasons. A.) it's my first "product" to come to market, other than my artwork. And b.) antique mirrors were all over Fall Market! I'm psyched to see that I continue to call upcoming trends.

This is a stunning piece for over a sofa or in a hallway.

Measures 3' x 5'

*Proper picture to come after installation day!

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