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The fine art of Eryn Oruncak combines seamlessly with the conversation of the furnishings, fabrics, and architecture of a space.  An interior designer herself, Eryn gives a unique, and oftentimes instinctual perspective on the use of color, texture, movement and details. 


 The process of each collaboration with her clients and fellow interior designers on custom art commissions brings its own rewards as she channels the energy of not only the elements in the room, but also the people for whom she creates.   Designers call on Eryn to translate onto a canvas the dialogue of layers they've created in their luxury spaces .


Inquire about a collaboration with Eryn Oruncak for your design project.

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Designers' Lounge dedicated to The Black Interior Designers Network, Caracole Showroom
High Point Market Fall 2022

There was an instant connection between Eryn Oruncak and Keia McSwain when the designers met. For the lounge dedicated to the Black Interior Designers Network in the Caracole showroom for High Point Market Fall 2022, Keia collaborated with Eryn on a private art commission for her design. Eryn created a second painting during the process, "Queen". A diptych called "City Night" was added to round out the collection of Eryn's artwork showcased in the space.

As an interior designer herself, Eryn is a firm believer in the importance of original fine art in one’s environment and has the ability to channel the energy of the room as well as that of her clients. A core value of her design firm, Elan Design, is promoting pleasant conversation among the furnishings, fabrics, and artwork.


For this Designers' Lounge, Eryn was mindful that Caracole, Ngala Trading, Thibaut, and Keia are all represented well in this collection of artwork.

Eryn used two innovative ideas on the final layers of "Spirits".  She incorporated the Thibaut wallpaper to ensure a comfortable dialogue between the artwork and the room itself.  Second, the gold necklace takes the idea of artwork being the jewelry in the space to a new level.

The below video shows behind the scenes footage of the artist painting this piece.

Eryn Oruncak Spirits Fine Art.jpg



by Eryn Oruncak

acrylic on canvas with gold leaf detail, wallpaper, gold jewelry

Framed 49" x 49"


Eryn Oruncak Spirits Fine Art 6.jpg
Eryn Oruncak Spirits Fine Art 3.jpg
Eryn Oruncak Spirits Fine Art 4 nekia closeup.jpg
Eryn Oruncak Spirits Fine Art 5.jpg



by Eryn Oruncak

acrylic on canvas with gold paint, plaster, gold jewelry

Framed  22" x 18"


Eryn Oruncak Fine Art Queen.jpg
Eryn Oruncak Fine Art City Night Diptych.jpg
Eryn Oruncak Fine Art City Night Diptych.jpg

“City Night” Diptych 


by Eryn Oruncak

acrylic on canvas with gold leaf

each canvas measures 36" x  48"

$4,500 each  |  $8,750 for both


Eryn created "City Night" during the pandemic in homage to New York City. Having spent many nights among its beautiful buildings, she reflected on the rich energy one feels in Manhattan. "City Night" evokes this sense of glamour and opulence in every paint stroke.

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