Elan Design is known for impeccable taste and award winning service. 

Many people will walk into a room and know they like it or don’t like it, but they don’t understand why.  

A beautiful room, like a piece of fine art is made up of layers. 

The multiple layers work together to create a well crafted, luxurious environment. 


Much like my artwork, or cooking a gourmet dish with a recipe, or a song, the more the various layers work together, the better the result. We build our spaces the same way. 


Starting with the fundamentals like furniture plans and lighting. 

Paint color dictates the look and feel of a space.   

Architectural elements like moulding have a voice.  

Artwork elevates a space and is a major influence on our projects. 

There are supporting pieces, the accents, like a side table or bench, even a small chair in the corner. 

Add another layer to bring in the warmth, the fabrics - the drapery, rugs, bedding, pillows and throws. 

The upholstery comes into play in making decisions here. 

Polish it off with accessories, fundamental to a room or else it feels stark and bare.   

All of the elements are in conversation, and create the energy you feel in a room.     

Hamptons Cottages And Gardens 2020 Elan Design Powder Room
Elan Design Powder Room Kohler Catalogue 2021 Spring

In 2020 , Elan Design was  invited to participate in the 2020 Hampton Designer Showhouse.  Shown here is the Powder Bath, featured in Hamptons Cottages & Gardens and included in the Spring 2021 Kohler catalogue.

Our work has been published in the Business of Home and Hamptons Cottages & Gardens Magazine, 2021 Kohler Catalogue, and promotional materials for Modern Matter Hardware and Circa Lighting.

I'll tell you a little secret... the spaces tell me what they want. 

I'm able to sense this energy of the room.  

I am equally attuned to the energy fields of our clients. 


For this black powder room, I walked into the tiny space, and it said "black paint."   Once I envisioned the beauty of the black paint, the glamour and opulence quickly became clear.   The lighting, the marble, the artwork, the hardware, I could see all of the layers in place.  With every confidence, I brought the space to life and it was a huge success.

When we design a room, we ensure all of the selections fit well together. 

Have you ever bought something for a room that looked terrible when you got home? 

You loved it, but for some reason it just didn't work. 

Just because you love something doesn't mean the the other things in the room will.


"My superpower is the ability to read the energy in a space and incorporate

how it can best serve the household. What we create is something that exceeds all expectations of the options that were available - and how much furnishings and artwork actually create happiness in the home."


Eryn's advice is sought after by discerning clients wanting to utilize quality products to create a luxury home for themselves and their family.  Intuitive and instinctual in her design, she's able to decipher the energy of the space, and those that live there.  


We offer different levels of involvement to serve our clients'  residences and investment properties.  Click on any of the categories to learn more about each level of service and which one may work best for the project. 


At any time, schedule a discovery call and we are happy to advise you on the best level for you.

Hampton Designer Showhouse Elan Design Powder Bath.jpg

Access high-end design in an abbreviated capacity. 

This is a great time to get a designer's eye on a new space or one you've been working on by yourself.


Eryn is intuitive in her design and provides a reading of the energy in the room.

Often a few adjustments and a few added pieces bring a space together.  We advise you on actionable steps to accommodate existing pieces, and identify the layers of the space that are missing to give you that feeling of luxury and wellness. 

Items are preferably purchased through Elan Design. Our cache of trusted and curated vendors provide our clients with quality to-the-trade products.

Much like the Room Reading Package, our Renters Package optimizes the look and feel of the property to attract high caliber tenants.


Eryn provides actionable ways interior design can secure higher rents and full occupancy for your Short Term Rental Properties.   

With plan in hand, you’ll be able to shop for your space and implement the final design with confidence. 


Items may also be purchased through Elan Design for added convenience.

Elan Design Bathroom Styling .jpg

In this capacity, Élan Design takes you from the beginning to the end of your project.  You receive personalized attention to every detail throughout the entire process.


We collaborate with you, the contractors, and architect, to maintain a customized aesthetic and  functionality throughout the home.


Everything is professionally installed based on the agreed proposals, and you enjoy the reveal of a home that will support and inspire you and your family for many years to come.