Elan Design is known for impeccable taste and award winning service. 

In 2020 , Elan Design was  invited to participate in the 2020 Hampton Designer Showhouse.  Shown here is the Powder Bath, featured in Hamptons Cottages & Gardens and included in the Spring 2021 Kohler catalogue.

HCG_2020_Elan_Design_PowderRoom_-1 (1).jpg

Our work has been published in the Business of Home and Hamptons Cottages & Gardens Magazine, 2021 Kohler Catalogue, and promotional materials for Modern Matter Hardware and Circa Lighting.

Elan Design Powder Room Kohler Catalogue.JPG

I'll tell you a little secret... the spaces tell me what they want.  It's true.  For that black bathroom, I literally walked into that teeny tiny space, and it said "black paint." 

It took some courage to do that.   I was representing my work among other celebrated designers in the industry and it was my first time in The Hamptons ... and it was my first public showing as a designer. 

Once I envisioned the beauty of the black paint, the glamour and opulence quickly became clear. 

The lighting, the marble, the artwork, the hardware, I could see all of these pieces in place.

When you're designing a room, make sure all of the selections fit well together.  These are the decisions I make with confidence, and I can help you bring your rooms to life, too.


 Our best clients trust us as the experts and trust our process.



are decisive decision makers.



They understand that there's value in a well designed space.



And are open to new ideas and products available only to design professionals.


In 2018 we worked on a Her Office here in Northern Virginia.  The client was an Executive that worked remotely.  She gave me a few clear perameters: it had to be camera ready because she was on Zoom all day, she liked light blue, and "no flowers".


After we completed the renovations, she said to me, "I feel like I should dress up now for work because this office is so amazing. I love it in here. I feel different in here."   I said, "you're going to show up differently and I guarantee you that you're going to get a raise." 


In one year she got the raise ... and a promotion.


She told me about something else she didn't expect. "You know that little seating area you made in front of the windows?  The kids get off the bus and come and sit with me every day after school.  I've never had that before. They used to come home, get a snack and get on their computers. Now they come up to the office and sit in those chairs and we talk about the day." 

Struckman Office.jpg


We offer three levels of service.  A one hour, a morning or afternoon, or a full-service design, which means we take of  everything. It all depends on the level of involvement you need as you develop your spaces.  Click on any of the categories to learn more about each level of service and which one may work best for the project. 


If you're still unsure, schedule a discovery call and we can advise you on the best way to go.  


This is a great time to get a designer's eye on a space you've been working on by yourself or with contractors.   Access high-end design in an abbreviated capacity. 

We know that often a few tweaks or a couple added pieces can bring a space together.  We advise you on actionable steps you can take, and suggest some ready-to-ship products that can bring your room to finished and exactly right.

Our Eye on the Prize package is also helpful for Realtors and Renters to elevate your properties to attract traffic and tenants. One zoom meeting with Eryn can elevate the way your properties are showing to potential buyers and tenants.

The Design Strategy Planning Session provides the luxury of a designer’s eye in your planning - saving you time, money, and headaches from costly mistakes.

With your well crafted, professional plan in hand, you’ll be able to shop for your space (even in our Shop) and implement the final design yourself with confidence and ease! 


In this capacity, Élan Design takes you from the beginning to the end of your project.  You receive personalized attention to every detail throughout the entire process.


We collaborate with you, the contractors and architect to maintain a customized aesthetic and  functionality throughout the home.


Everything is professionally installed based on the agreed proposals, and you enjoy the reveal of what will be your favorite place in the whole world!

Elan Design LLC can bring new life to your room with beautiful new fabrics.  We've been working with the same trusted workroom since 2011 to create custom drapery, shades, and pillows. Our professional installer is second to none in his experience in hanging drapery to the highest standards in the industry.