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American Fine Artist
"Back In The Day"

“When we honor the artwork, the success of the space is practically guaranteed.”

-Eryn Oruncak

We help you properly place, coordinate, and frame pieces you may already have. 

Our clients have called us right off the airplane to help them place a piece of artwork that they bought on vacation.  Within two weeks, it was framed and hanging beautifully in their home.


Our Art Consultations guide you through the process where you may have a piece rolled up in a closet, to selecting the frame, adding proper lighting and installing it professionally in your home.  

Looking to instal a gallery wall, questions about coordinating different pieces, we walk you through the process of an empty wall to a fully decorated moment in your environment.  What else can we do to help you with your art?

Holding Hands Fine Art by Eryn Oruncak.jpg




We work closely with you to create a custom piece of fine art  incorporating the colors, textures and movement that best supports your space and the way you want to feel in that environment.

There is great value in experiencing an original artwork in your spaces.  Explore different mediums and consider mixing them within your rooms. 

We create contemporary custom artwork for our design clients and private collectors.  We also enjoy working with other interior designers, architects, builders, realtors, and stagers who acquire our pieces to elevate their projects.  

Commissions take on average 2 weeks to 2 months to ship depending on the size and scope.


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Most of our collection of contemporary art is framed and every piece in the SHOP is ready to ship or available for pick-up from the studio in Northern Virginia.


Each piece of art is hand-signed and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

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