Elan Design is continuously sought after for our expertise in designing rental properties.  In our experience, a successful rental property garners higher rents and secures consistent occupancy.  As we design these properties, we consider all parties involved – the owner, tenants, and the property itself.  We ensure the rooms perform at their best using durable surfaces, while remaining comfortable and welcoming to those staying there as well any of their visitors.  We walk through many of our decisions in our blog post Successful Interior Design for Short Term Rental Properties.


Hosts with an elevated point of view attract tenants with a similar perspective.  So, when designing your rental property, attract those that will care for the home as you would, keeping things as clean, orderly, and maintained.  Your guests will be happy to pay the higher rents for where they know they will enjoy a feeling of wellness and luxury during their stay.  


We offer varying degrees of help in designing and decorating your rental property, ranging from a virtual  consultation in our Renters & Realtors Package, to even more involvement with our Full-Service Offering where we provide you with turn-key results.  We’re happy to jump on a call to discuss your project, and suggest the best way we can help you. 

A successful rental property garners higher rents and secures consistent occupancy. 

Our designs help owners attract renters that will care for their property as though it was their own home.

To help our realtor friends that don’t have in-house staging services, our Renters & Realtors Package provides actionable steps to elevate your listings.  These virtual consultations give you and your clients a designer’s eye to improve the way the property is showing.  Our goal is to attract a larger audience and increase traffic. 


We offer you a tool-kit of tried and true accessories that can polish any space to buy in our online store.  We recommend that Realtors purchase a handful of these items to keep on hand to use when preparing your showings.


"This room makes my job easy to sell to the people that will live here."

- Emily D., Hampton's Realtor