"I've had other designers in here and no one did what you just did"

-Mara W.



This is a snapshot of working with a high-end designer

in an abbreviated capacity. 

room, like a piece of artwork, is made up of layers.  

Eryn is intuitive in interior design and offers a reading of the room,

able to hear and envision objects that may or may not yet be in the space. 




Room Reading 

Photos and details of the room are submitted in client questionnaire 

Sourcing  -  Eryn's plan based on the photos and questionnaire 

Proper Furniture Placement

Add layers through supporting pieces, such as lighting, artwork and accessories

Ensure warmth through different fabrics like blankets, pillows, throws, and rugs

Consultation - Virtual or In-Person Meetings Available

Clients receive a detailed report with specific actionable steps and products



In this package, you get $500 credit for your purchase through our online store


Considering that the focus is the photo and the meetings are on zoom, we're able to help anyone, anywhere in the world.

If you live within the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area or

near Philadelphia and the Main Line, you may receive an in-person Room Reading.

"Working with Eryn was a truly a dream. She had such thoughtful, creative and unique ideas for my space at a variety of price points. I loved chatting through all the options with her and was really able to visualize the finished project. She came up with ideas I never would have thought of, but made me feel both comfortable with and excited for them. I can't wait to get my hands on the items she suggested- and then work with her again for another space!

Thank you Eryn, it was truly a pleasure and I am so grateful to you!"

- Kelly O. in California