Born and raised in Philadelphia, Eryn enjoyed the city's rich history, culture and art scene. Early in life, she frequently visited the museums in Philadelphia.  With easy access to other major cities like New York and Washington DC, her love of the arts expanded.


Eryn was sensitive to the different energy each city had, and her wanderlust became clear. Her extensive travel throughout the world brought to light a certain standard of living, one that offers a feeling of comfort and well-being. She recognized key components that create a luxury environment, and noticed how a luxury environment made way for  easier way of life.

Eryn obtained an International Business degree from The George Washington University.   She garnered the attention of Washington's Social List with her sense of discretion, work ethic, and effortless way of tackling large projects. For years her small company of four was highly requested for assistance in the personal and professional endeavors of these private clients, earning their trust and respect.

Her attention shifted into the corporate world, as she became the Assistant to the CIO of the Nasdaq Stock Market. She achieved awards and accolades for her role in historical initiatives within the technology sector, as well as spearheading large events within the Technology Department.

Eryn Oruncak of Elan Design
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Eryn met and married her husband, Haluk.  They live in Northern Virginia with their daughters.

As she designed and renovated their home, her impeccable taste and inherent talent for interior design was obvious, and she began working on a "few projects for a few people".  During this time, her abstract artwork also became in demand, and she began selling her fine art. 


As she saw the positive impact her art and designs were making to families, part-time work quickly turned into full-time, full-service design, throughout the country.  She established Elan Design in July 2016.

Eryn's unique approach to interior design is a combination of:

- the energy intuition that comes to her in every space she experiences

- the entrepreneurial aspects of managing projects, running a six figure business, and understanding how products perform in the global marketplace

her creative instincts and love of the arts

- attention to the details, while maintaining focus on the big picture

- her expertise in the science of design

- her award winning service to her clients

At Elan Design, we believe that the home is the foundation for your life, your work and your family.  We help our clients achieve custom spaces that support the way they experience their homes, which increases health, and ultimately their lifestyle.

Eryn is intuitive in her design and is able to read energy within the room, as well as that of her clients.  We work closely with you to incorporate everything you want that space to do, and even better, how you want it to make you feel.  We incorporate quality products and fine art into our rooms, ensuring all pieces are placed correctly.  There is great value in finished spaces, and we guide our clients through thoughtful, intentional purchasing. 


We make sure the space functions to your specifications, so that daily tasks are easy and light.  And we concentrate on the ways each room can promote close relationships within the family.  

There is a science on the effects a well crafted room has on our brain.  We've studied the ways beauty and art enhance our mental, physical, and emotional health.  And we've seen these transformations first hand after we "did" their house.  We want to bring that to as many people we can. 


Do you feel like you have a room or a section of your house that doesn't feel quite right?  We understand why this is, and how to fix it.  We offer you Full Service Design, which means that we bring your room from idea to installation.  If you have a good part of the room already done, we can help you bring it all together...  because maybe it doesn't feel done for some reason and you're not sure why. 


 Our best clients trust us as the experts and trust our process.



are decisive decision makers.


They understand that there's value to one's health and well-being having a well designed space

They understand that there's value to one's health and well-being having a well designed space


And are open to new ideas and products available only to design professionals.


I worked with Eryn to design and renovate/create my new patio area. We were starting from a blank slate since that space wasn't included when I renovated the house several years before. I absolutely LOVE the final result!! She has a great eye for space, really captured my thoughts on how I wanted to use the area and was able to create a flow of style from indoor to outdoor which makes the home feel so cohesive. As this is not my area of expertise, I believe working with Eryn is really what made the vision come to life. I thought the process went smoothly; good communication throughout. And, I appreciated the range of options she prepared for me to choose from so I could decide where to splurge and where to be practical. It was a balanced plan and provided me a realistic sense of budget. I would definitely work with Elan Design again! --Nicole S.

"Working with Eryn was a truly a dream. She had such thoughtful, creative and unique ideas for my space at a variety of price points. I loved chatting through all the options with her and was really able to visualize the finished project. She came up with ideas I never would have thought of, but made me feel both comfortable with and excited for them. I can't wait to get my hands on the items she suggested- and then work with her again for another space!

Thank you Eryn, it was truly a pleasure and I am so grateful to you!"

-- Kelly O. 

" I have to go out of town for three months.  Work your magic, Eryn."

 three months later...

"I could have never done this without you! I never dreamed it would look this good."  -- Jacob A.

I hired Eryn to first redo our powder room, and then to turn a sitting room into my office. I have not used a designer before and there was definitely a learning curve to understand how to take advantage of Eryn's expertise. The powder room is amazing ... elegant, understated, yet just about every person notices how beautiful it is. My office is exactly what I wanted, although I didn't know what I wanted. Eryn was able to design a space that just makes me happy to be in it. And she was willing to try and use pieces that we already had. I spend quite a bit of time on video and I get many compliments about my background! Eryn was easy to work with!  -- Christie S.

Eryn is a wonderful designer! She helped transform my house into the grown-up living space that I always wanted. Her eye for design is fabulous but I also appreciate her budget sense. She is willing to work with your budget but also pushes for items that are truly worth the price because they give your space that wow factor. She is an amazing artist as well and helped complete some of my spaces with custom art pieces that we love. I loved working with Eryn so much that she helped update nearly 50% of my home (LR, Family room, powder room, kitchen, master bedroom and guest room). -- Jessica W.

"Elan Designs is absolutely the best design firm I've ever worked with. Often you'll work with a designers who force their design and ideas on you.  It's kind of scary and can be costly too.  I've been talked into buying expensive pillows I hated and suggested the worst paint color ever.  Eryn is such a delight, has an amazing eye for design, and she just simply gets it.  She's managed to work in family heirlooms/antiques into my funky/modern style keeping in mind functionality is an absolute must in my house! 


I'd consider myself pretty savvy in design.  I'm the person people would call for design advice.  I've let Eryn go to town on my kitchen, family rooms, and bedrooms -- that should say a lot!!!  I love knowing that I have someone absolutely amazing to call with really unique and brilliant ideas AND she saves me time and money too.  I'm no longer buying random stuff that doesn't quite fit, match, or feel I need to change out since my rooms never seemed finished.  Now I have rooms that are finally complete (woohoo) and I absolutely love, love them.  Elan Designs should be your first call for your next design project!!!"   --Mara W.

Full five stars!! Eryn is a wonderfully talented designer and artist. She took an empty dining space with dated fixtures and painting, and turned it into a gorgeous, rich, classy dining room that we will enjoy for YEARS. She handled everything from the initial conception to hiring the contractors for painting/electrical work to personally shopping for accessories on the dining table. She stayed within my budget, met my timeline, and was always responsive to my calls/texts. She told us when to splurge (an incredible chandelier) and where to save... I am a Type-A lawyer by trade and have a hard time giving project control to someone new. Through this project, she was able to help me loosen up and trust her. She's truly a talent and I find myself fortunate that I didn't get scared of her big ideas early on. I am already planning to hire her again! -- Rachel N.