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“When we honor the artwork, the success of the space is practically guaranteed.”

-Eryn Oruncak

Eryn's eye for design along with her background in fine-art allows her to get a clear vision of your room, and how artwork can enhance the environment.  She guides you through the process of an empty wall to a fully decorated moment in your space.  


The art consultations help you properly place, coordinate, and frame pieces you may already have.  And identify ones to add to your space.

Do you have a piece rolled up in a closet that you've always wanted to hang?  Eryn helps you select the frame, suggest lighting if it needs it.  She or the team (if it's a large piece) can professionally install in your home.  

We craft a gallery walls, coordinate different mediums, and bring an empty wall to a beautiful moment to compliment your space.

Per room or whole house walk-throughs available.

In person or virtual visits available.

$497 for 60 minute session


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