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Welcome to our online store. View our current collections of ready-to ship fine art, our private label "Walking Through Flowers" Candle, and other luxury products that will instantly elevate your environment.

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WTF Candle

Instantly elevate your mental health with our new Walking Through Flowers candle.

The combination of the natural oils of oud and amber are an aromatic refreshment. While calming your mind, they act as a great stimulant for mental strength and stability. The oakmoss is rich in anti-aging properties and is used for beautification purposes. Known as an antiseptic, it soothes the body and cleans the air. Cloves help manage anxious energy and enhance concentration. The elegance of the rose essential oil is most often used for mental health, relieving stress and providing anti-depressive effects.


The end result is a fragrance that embodies everything I believe to be a happy environment - refreshing, calming, soothing, a place to concentrate, filled with beauty, love and comfort. Also speaking to Elan Design's brand is our gold embossed logo evoking strength, power, and elegance.

Have one on your nightstand, desk, at the front door, in the living room and kitchen to get an immediate smile wherever you are in your home.  A perfect way to start and end your day... and all that comes in between.

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