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The Background of Walking Through Flowers

It was the height of the pandemic in 2020. We were confined to the house, not even allowing our daughters walk to the mailbox. Every item from "outside" was wiped clean and sprayed with Lysol. Life shifted to screens. School, work, friend dates, birthday parties, and lots of movies. We were glued to the latest news reports of what was happening.

The phrase “what the fuck” became very familiar in day-to-day activities in households all around the world, especially mine. As quarantine requirements continued, the idea of turning a stressful, negative state into a positive one became necessary for the well-being not only of our 10 and 7 year old daughters, but also for me and my husband. The strain was emerging, and our marriage was definitely being tested.

In my many years of personal development (many), I've learned there is always another way to look at a situation. At that moment, I looked at my daughters' faces and knew that it was my responsibilty to make them feel safe. "What the fuck" became “walking through flowers”.

To envision walking through flowers. To be surrounded by the growth rather than death. To feel nature during the days of being confined. It gave me a tool to get through the most peculiar state of being I've ever experienced. And to help my children navigate a very confusing, and very stressful energy in the household.

As the months unfolded, the unrest in the world grew. War broke out in Ukraine, inflation reared its ugly head, and the rights of women to control their own bodies was removed. Modern day liberties that had been taken for granted were under attack.

I fought the battle in my basement studio, painting "Walking Through Flowers".

To rally with the other women who were equally terrified and riled against powers who were causing this reverted state of women in society - having our rights, our value called into question. Feeling the need to speak out, to protect our feminine spirit, and teach my daughters of the beauty, strength, and magnificence of our being, "Walking Through Flowers" continued to take shape.

Born through this energy of grace and determination, "Walking Through Flowers" is a manifest of the resolve that when threatened, the human spirit may hear wtf in their minds, and translate it to "walking through flowers". To stand steadfast in the light and love that is our spirit, and keep going.

Over the course of the next three years, we've experienced many wtf moments. Personally, globally, economically. "Walking Through Flowers" has continued to take its shape on the canvas.

The interior designer in me wanted to add to the experience. Please the senses. The painting needed to have a smell. I created a Private Label candle with a company in Big Sky, Montanna for about a year to develop the fragrance and the vessel to promote a sense of healing a rejuvenation.

The combination of all natural oils of oud and amber act as a stimulant for mental strength and stability. The oakmoss is rich in anti-aging properties and is used for beautification purposes. Cloves help manage anxious energy and enhance concentration. The elegance of the rose essential oil is most often used for mental health, relieving stress and providing anti-depressive effects.

The end result is a fragrance that embodies everything I believe to be a happy environment - refreshing, calming, soothing, a place to concentrate, filled with beauty to stimulate the brain, love and comfort (or as we like to call it here at Elan Design, luxury).

Speaking to my design style is the black vessel with Elan Design's gold embossed logo evoking strength, power, and elegance.

Walking Through Flowers is an experience. It is a fine art painting and a private label candle.

It's a way to strengthen your soul and bring peace into your being. Reminding ourselves that we have great power within.

And when the challenges of life surface, we can turn "WTF" into "Walking Through Flowers".

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