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Designing your home with love and luxury

What does that mean?

It means that you feel your best when you're in your home. You wake up in the morning refreshed and excited for the day ahead. You're happy to cook - and clean up - dinner. The kids have their routines locked up, and they take ownership of knowing where things go or how to do something... and doing it. You closed that deal you were working on because you felt confident and motivated.

There's a sense of relaxed order and ease of motion.

The days of "that room is only for show" are behind us. They used to have those but people are different now. Households are certainly different after the pandemic with everyone confined to the house. Every square foot needs to serve and support every person that lives there.

With loneliness and depression at the levels of an epidemic, a sense of connection is so important to our mental, emotional, and physical health. Believe me, alone time is necessary, too, but instead of everyone retreating to their rooms on their screens all the time, there needs to be a place for people to be together. When we make time and space to enjoy each other's company, do a puzzle, play a game, cook a new recipe, have our friends over for dinner, watch the game with our buddies, we feel like we accomplish something. We feel love.

Life stays fun and happy. Nothing has to be cleaned off the table to use it. You know that feeling, when there's five things you have to do before you can do what you're trying to do. Exhausting. By the time you're actually doing the thing, you're in a mood. Sometimes, we don't even get to the fun because it takes too long to take care of the work.

I've come to find that kids feel that energy. Spouces feel that energy. Friends, neighbors, and colleagues feel that energy. And then they're, let's just say, not as nice as they could be. The parents are unsettled, the house is a mess, you're getting unrewarding projects at work, and everyone seems to be fighting all the time. Not fun.

Think about when you have to finish the presentation by Thursday, and the thought of sitting down to do it makes your stomach sink because you hate being in your office. Worse, you don't even have a designated place to work so you just take your laptop to the sofa. Then you feel like this huge presentation is an uphill battle because you can't seem to get motivated. Of course you're not motivated, you're on the sofa! Which is where you usually relax. It's confusing to your mind.

Oh, I've felt these feelings and had these thoughts so many times. So I fixed it. It's actually how Elan Design was founded. Another mom came to pick up her daughter after a playdate. She looked around my house, she looked at how pleasant and happy my kids were, and asked me "can you do this to my house?" And Elan Design was born.

As much as possible, I set up systems with every action the people in the house take during the day. Much like, "build it and they will come" concept.

Make a space where that (whatever that is) goes there, this is my room for (fill in the blank), and life gets easier, and therefore, more pleasant. I design spaces to stimulate the senses. And I truly believe that quality product evoke a quality person feeling.

Home is a place to feel safe most importantly. It's where we gather our energy. When life presents challenges, it's where we rejuvenate and heal. There's comfort and peace, and what I call, luxury.

The way the furniture is placed is open and airy, your view gives you a sense of expansion, the chair gives you a hug when you sit down, there's beautiful scent as you walk through the hallway, the soft light illuminating the original painting going into your bedroom triggers your mind to rest. This is but a snapshot of being in utter bliss in your environment.

That. That's what bringing love and luxury into your home means.

Our home reflects our life, and our life is reflective of the way our home makes us feel.

I use visual and tactile cues to make you feel at peace and in power at the same time. Our core value at Elan Design is that when there's love and luxury in a home, it creates a freedom to dream, and do, and connect with the people you love.

Leave a comment if any of this spoke to you. If you'd like to start transforming the energy in your house, click the button. We offer different levels of service to help you design the loving and luxurious home you've always wanted.

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