Eryn Oruncak Founder and Fine Artist of Elan Design

Elan Design is a high-end interior design company that also offers contemporary art by commission. 

My fine art background combined with my inherent eye for design gives a unique, and oftentimes instinctual perspective on the use of color, texture, and details. 


Because art is such a fundamental element in a home, we serve our clients in a variety of levels ranging from custom art commissions to artwork consultations.

We help you properly place, coordinate, and frame pieces you may already have.

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The mission of Elan Design is to bring love and luxury into the home through our interior design services & original fine art.  We create a positive energy that enhances the way our clients experience their environments, which affects the way they experience their lives.

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My job is to make you feel amazing.

I believe we’re all works of art. And that every day gives us opportunities to make the most of where we are, and who we are in the world. When you look in the mirror, do you feel inspired and energized, excited about what you have planned for the day?

HOME is where it all begins.  It’s where you gather your energy to take care of yourself, your business, and your life.

Elan Design helps you customize your residence. 

Surround yourself with evocative artwork and luxury family-friendly products

so that everyone in your house feels their best.

 There's a science to the way beauty affects our brains. Its effects on the way we live our life is undeniable. 

The energy we feel in our environment supports the relationships of the family,

dictates our mood, and activates our mind to thrive.


We help you experience this sense of comfort and well-being, 

understanding that happiness in the home is essential to our lives. 

Your relationships can become closer, more connected.

This is what we mean by bringing "love and luxury into your home". We talk about that more in this blog post.


Would you like to enhance the well-ness of your household, 

feeling supported and inspired to make the best of every day? 

I established Elan Design to help families bring a sense of love and well-being into their homes.

We pay close attention to the function of the space, the way it looks, and the energy each room has to each person. 

Eryn Oruncak of Elan Design

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