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Simple Home Lighting Tips from an Interior Designer

The lighting in a space controls how you sense the room and directly affects your own energy while you experience that environment.

With its ability to dictate health and mood, as well as how the rest of the furnishings in the room are perceived, lighting, more specifically, the layering of light, is the most important tool we have to create the experience we want to have in our environment. Some simple home lighting tips can completely transform and reinvigorate your space.

Interior Design by Elan Design including custom designed built-ins. Original Fine Art by Eryn Oruncak above the mantle. Simple home lighting tips to brighten and elevate your space.
Elan Design Family Room with Original Fine Art by Eryn Oruncak

Are you sitting in the dark?

A client once told me that we had to meet in the early morning before the work day because her new apartment "was dark at night." Like many people we speak with, she focused on new furniture, but not the lighting. So when she came home from work, it was dark, too dark in her opinion for us to have our meeting.

You may not be actually sitting in the dark, but let me ask - do you think your lighting scheme supports your health? The way we perceive beauty has been scientifically proven to improve health and wellness. This is a topic near and dear to Elan Design, one we explore in another article we're releasing at the end of the month.

Each of us have our own circadian rhythm. Lighting plays a huge role in regulating our brains to release the hormones we need to sleep, improve our mood, and promote productivity.

Here's a quick exercise:

Do you feel relaxed when you walk into your bedroom?

How about when you walk through the hallway or down the staircase?

Lighting takes you on a little ride throughout your space, and affects the moment you're experiencing in that environment.

Lighting sets you - and the space - up for success.

As a designer, I've enjoyed a long love affair with lighting. I've attended workshops, I know what lumens are better in each space. I've selected hundreds of lighting fixtures, and some of my spaces have been published. But I'm not going to get into a long lesson about the technicalities here.

What I want you to take away from this article is knowing that lighting is a priority when designing a space, how all of the decisions combine together in a room, and what options are available to make the most out of the time and money you're investing in your project.

How Simple Home Lighting Tips Can Effect Your World

An example…

Lighting, itself, has physiological effects on our health and well-being. It's widely known that good lighting design can improve your overall mood and reduce depression. Proper lighting can help and even increase cognitive performance and productivity.

Take for example this entrance hall we transformed. When we first felt the energy in the space, it felt dreary, fragmented, and unbalanced. We used some simple home lighting tips to create a warm and welcoming entrance.

Upon entering the apartment, we are pleasantly greeted with a gilded overhead sconce and table lamp to illuminate the entrance. Remember to think about how you want to experience your space. Here, we coordinated the electrical work to combine the hardwired sconce and outlet for the table lamp onto the same light switch. Having a small detail like this planned ahead makes such a difference in the functionality of this space, day after day.

Using simple home lighting tips, Elan Design transformed a dark and dreary hallway into a welcoming sanctuary.
Elan Design Hallway Transformation

The back part of the hallway was equally unappealing when we found it. Though well lit, the lights were harsh and made you want to run past them. We added dimmable LED sconces through the length of the hallway and around the back corner. The gentle glow they created infused a cozy feeling. Coordinated with the new door hardware, all of the elements together brought cohesion to the area. We brought the black element forward with the mirror and console table to unify the entire length of the space.

The decision to have gilded fixtures in the front keeps things light and warm. Don't be afraid to mix metals when developing your lighting concept. We like to use the words "coordinate" and "compliment", more than using the word "match".

The energy in this space completely shifted. Our clients enjoy the home's embrace as they enter, and feel supported, almost like a kiss goodbye, as they leave.


Exploring the Science

Let's expound upon our circadian rhythm. Lighting plays a huge role in providing cues to our optical nerve which alerts the brain when it's time to sleep or time to be active.

"The suprachiasmatic nucleus ... a small clump of cells—composed of approximately 20,000 neurons—sits at the intersection of your optical nerve, right in the middle of your brain. It serves as the body’s atomic clock, tracking outside information (like ambient light) to determine whether you should be wrapped up in a comforter or going for a morning run." -- Dr. Matthew Walker, British neuroscientist and author of the international bestseller Why We Sleep

Just as lighting carries us through a space, it also carries us through the day.

As we design the lighting in our home, we take into account our daily routines. Whatever they may be, we recognize regular times when we need to feel energized, notice times when we relax, and most importantly how to wind down and prepare for rest. The better the routine, the better the circadian rhythm.

We use lighting to provide the body with all the right cues. In the morning and in the evening, we go through the whole house and adjust the lighting. We know many people that do this. We've heard it called called "lamp o'clock" and "lamp-thirty". This commonly shared routine is an example of how lighting effects our behavior. We instinctively know that the intensity of the lighting in the room supports whatever we're doing.

Bedroom Interior Design by Elan Design. Using some simple home lighting tips, we have created a soft, gentle glow using a table lamp on the bedside table. The light creates a silhouette of the flowers on the nightstand and illuminate a book.
Elan Design Bedroom

For example, at bedtime, we each walk in to our bedrooms and see the soft glow of our bedside lamps inviting us into our sanctuary to relax and feel at peace at the end of the day. It triggers our habit of a few minutes of reading, and sets us gently on our way to a restful night's sleep.

So when we are designing lighting in our homes, we want our lighting to support our daily routines as well as our mental, physical, and emotional needs.

My Simple Home Lighting Tips

When you are designing a space, consider everything that will be within that space, and why it will be in that space. Think about the energy each piece brings to the whole, and the effect of that energy on you. One of our favorite services we offer is Room Readings, where we identify the energy in the room based on existing pieces, and identify missing items the space needs to feel complete and satisfied.

We can always sense a fragmented design, buying one thing at a time. It makes it more challenging to create the environment you want. Even if you don't have the ability to purchase everything at once, PLAN everything at once. And always remember that one of the primary forces in a room is the lighting.

With that in mind, here are a few simple home lighting tips from the mind of an interior designer.

Invest in quality fixtures

Quality fixtures are very much an investment that stand the test of time. My husband has a chandelier from his Grandfather. It's a beautiful family heirloom that adds warmth and love to our upstairs hallway. Lighting is definitely an investment not only in your home, but certain pieces make such an impact they travel the generations.

Lighting fixtures not only serve to illuminate the space properly, but they can also become the "wow factor" in a room. Having a clear expectation on what a high-end fixture will cost allows you to understand how to best utilize your investment in that space. To think about interior design as an investment rather than a budget opens up a whole new understanding in creating the space where you will be enjoying your life.

When you know the money-figures for all of the lighting in a space, it allows you to strategically allocate costs to the things that make the most impact in a space. Since lighting is so fundamental in every room, it's wise to invest in quality merchandise throughout. In our luxury spaces, we mix high-end with low-end all the time. Low end doesn't mean cheap. And quality doesn't have to mean expensive.

"As an interior designer, I've come to enjoy a solid relationship with Circa Lighting. We're able to find every piece of lighting we need, for any room, in any style, at different price points. Circa Lighting is dedicated to the success of Elan Design | Interior Design & Fine Art. As a trade professional, we have an assigned team of lighting experts to guide us through choosing the optimum illumination selections for our clients." -- Eryn Oruncak | Founder, Fine Artist | Elan Design

Consider the function of your space

As you make decisions on your lighting plan, pay careful attention to what you will be doing in each room, and what elements are going into the space. Identify what type of lighting you will be using the most. What will make the most impact to the space and your lifestyle? Keep in mind that lighting not only supports you in your daily activities but also supports the other pieces in the room. You could have a magnificent sofa covered in the most stunning fabric, but if your lighting is cheap, poorly made or lack-luster, the sofa won't shine like the star is it. Like a diva, it will throw a fit, and I guarantee that you will feel that energy when you walk into the room. Keeping the star happy, you will enjoy that space much more.

Know that when building a space, the electrical wiring comes first. Before the paint, before the furniture is in place, before anything goes into the room, the wires and housings need to be where you want them. As in the case that I described above of combining the sconce and the outlet to one light switch, having this small detail planned ahead allowed us to freely make decisions. Much better than worrying on the back end of it could be done, incurring unexpected labor costs, or worse having to sacrifice the feature all-together.

These well-thought out elements in the room will enhance the way you experience your home.

Layer your lighting

Without sufficient lighting, a room will feel small and cramped. Objects may appear to have different colors than they actually do. You may get a sense that room is "closed" and people may avoid the area all together because they don't feel right when they're in that space.

By effectively distributing light within a room, you can create more impressive,

functional, and healthy environments.

This involves combining multiple layers of light sources. There are three main ones to incorporate into each room: ambient, task, and accent lighting all serve different purposes.

Powder Room Interior Design by Elan Design. Using simple home lighting tips from an interior designer, Elan has created a statement powder room with large modern scones and a starbust pendant light.
Elan Design Powder Room

Ambient lighting provides the general illumination of a room. It welcomes you into the space as a whole as you flip the switch upon entry. It enhances the sense of warmth and scale, and is usually achieved using overhead lighting such as chandeliers and other large center fixtures that hang from the ceiling, as well as sconces that may wash light across a wall.

Bedroom Interior Design by Elan Design. Using some simple home lighting tips, we have created a soft, gentle glow using a table lamp on the bedside table. The light creates a silhouette of the flowers on the nightstand and illuminate a book. This is an example of task lighting - as the bedside lamp helps illuminate while reading.
Elan Design Bedroom

The second layer to lighting design is task lighting. Task lighting is intended to illuminate a specific function, like cooking, doing the dishes, reading a book, making notes in your journal, whatever daily activities you enjoy. Be mindful to place these table lamps, pendant lights and floor lamps properly to avoid shadows.

Interior Design by Elan Design. Original Fine Art by Eryn Oruncak. A modern, abstract painting with gold, blue, and white broad horizontal brushstrokes. A picture light illuminates the painting from above. This is an example of accent lighting. Using simple home lighting tips, you can create layered lighting that is elegant and luxurious.
Original Fine Art by Eryn Oruncak

The third layer, accent lights, also called highlighting, draws attention to a particular object, such as artwork, sculpture, plants or bookcases. Accent lighting includes one of my favorite fixtures - the art lamp - as well as any shelf or cabinet lighting, and other architectural features like pin lights and uplighting.

Make it personal

We create our environments to thrive - and to rest - within our home. Here are my favorite lighting details I've learned throughout the years about how lighting can be customized to the space.

The dimmer switch - If you don't already do this, have your electrician add a dimmer to any and every light possible. This gives you the control to set the intensity of the light at different times of the day. A brighter atmosphere can be set in the morning to energize you, while you can dim the lights in the evening to set an intimate and relaxing mood.

Powder Room Interior Design including custom vanity by Elan Design. The table lamp on the vanity has been rewired for a short cord in order to reduce clutter on the vanity. This and our other simple home lighting tips can help elevate your space.
Elan Design Powder Room

Cut the cord - Recently, I added a table lamp to a vanity in a powder bath. Usually, lamps come with very long cords, in this case 12 feet. We literally needed 10 inches. My local lamp repair shop easily took care of this for $35. Worth it to not have a big ball of cord sitting there on the beautiful stone vanity.

Customize the shade - What a difference an interesting shade makes on a light fixture! Typical fixtures come with standard plain white or paper shades. There are custom lamp shades that come in different fabrics and different sizes. You may also provide your own material, called COM (Customer's Own Material), that may coordinate with the wallpaper or drapery in that space.

Finish strong

It's hard to know what you don't know, but I hope that these simple home lighting tips have illuminated you. At Elan Design, we help you make the best selections and installation in your spaces. Because we understand that lighting affects the entire design of a room, we collaborate with our lighting team at Circa Lighting for all of our projects. They truly know everything there is to know about architectural and decorative lighting.

Elan Design helps you finish strong. We have the experience to make sure everything is planned out on the front end to avoid costly mistakes and unnecessary delays, ensuring all of your needs are addressed within the project.

Have you gotten into your renovations and feel unsure if you're up to the task of organizing the multiple layers of light along with the rest of the elements that go into a space? Make sure that after all of this time and money you're investing, you are getting the results you want.

This is what we do

With the ability to affect your health, the mood of the household, and the way the objects in the room are perceived, lighting design is the most important element to consider when planning a space. We offer consultations in our Room Reading Package. Or if you'd like for us to be more involved, we may provide you with Full-Service Interior Design. We're always happy to jump on a call to talk about how we can help you make the most out of your renovations.

If you have questions about these simple home lighting tips or Elan’s services,, click here to get in touch with us. Let us know in the comments what resonated with you.

Sending love and luxury,


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