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"The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Eryn's eye for design along with her background in fine-art allows her to get a clear vision of your room, and the artwork that will enhance the environment.  She guides you through the process of going from an empty wall to an artistic moment in your space.


Your finished work will evoke a fond family memory and expand the minds of those that share this experience together. 

This is an immersive session in abstract painting for the whole family to enjoy together.  An opportunity to excite the senses, learn about the art of abstract painting , and engage with each other in a creative way.

Guaranteed surprises await as the painting takes shape. 


Roughly 2 hours of painting time.

Choose your canvas size:

MEDIUM - 30" x 30"  |   24" x 36"  |   36" x 36"

LARGE - 36" x 48"  |   48" x 48"

Elan Design provides all materials for use - paint, brushes, tarps.  We come a few minutes before the start time to set-up and we stay a few minutes extra to gather the supplies to clean back at our studio.

We ask from you:

  • Area to paint with room to move around

  • Safe place for the artwork to dry

  • Wear clothing you don't mind getting "painted"

Total cost for supplies and

guided instruction



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