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The Importance of Decorating with Original Art

"Art and Accessories” typically fall near the end of the list when designers set out on the beautiful journey of creating their spaces. But, as I've said a few hundred times to anyone that will listen:

"There’s no question that when we honor the artwork, the success of the space is practically guaranteed." -Eryn Oruncak

When we come across projects that begin with a collection or even one "hero" piece, the priority shifts to celebrate the artwork throughout the design process. And those are the projects that garner the most accolades - and gratitude from our beloved clients.

Eryn Oruncak, founder of Elan Design, sitting with two of her original fine art pieces. These large paintings have sweeping, abstract brushstrokes of blue, white, and yellow. Decorating with original art is a key element to Elan Design's philosophy.

Decorating with original art and the energy it creates

There's a lot of psychology that goes into designing a space. Thoughtful design elevates your life, work, and experience of those moments through the spaces you inhabit. Artwork is no exception. When the right artwork is installed, there’s an added energy a new presence that is felt in the atmosphere.

I have the unique fortune to create the magic of both luxury interior design and original fine art together. For every new piece of commissioned art, my client and I admire how it complements the room. There's a palpable energy when the commission is installed. I've even had clients that commissioned artwork for every room I designed in the home. I wonder if it was to feel that rush of energy again.

I've always believed that things hold energy, and am someone who is very sensitive to it. Turns out, the word for it is “nunchi”. Many people have this sensitivity to the energy field that things have. Interior Designers have a talent for speaking the language of spaces – understanding what it’s saying and what it needs. Much like how the magnetism of a painting or a sculpture is unmistakable for art collectors, connoisseurs, and clients all around. The presence of well-curated, original artwork is mesmerizing, and works hand in hand with the interiors to deliver a successful space.

As designers, we understand how to “listen” to a space. The architecture has a language, the materials have a language, and when put together they speak to each other -- and to us. As an artist AND interior designer, the conversation among the interiors and the artwork is almost audible in the room.

Quality is experienced through visual cues, like how straight the stitches run along the trim, as well as tactile cues of high caliber material like the way velvet feels. The collaboration of material and craft emanates an inherent energy. The same goes for fine art. Decorating with original art and high quality craftsmanship resonate more deeply in our spaces.

On the other hand, pieces that are mass-produced have less impact on your well-being. What’s the point of building a beautifully well-designed room if you’re looking at blank walls, or even cheap junk from Home Goods? When someone buys a piece that is mass-produced and reprinted a thousand times, it feels generic, which is not what you just spent four or five months creating. Details matter. My goal is to make it obvious that a luxury designer crafted that room.

Black and gold powder room designed by Elan Design. Reflected in the mirror is an original art piece by Eryn Oruncak, founder of Elan Design. The piece is a deep and dark abstract panting with only layers of black paint. Elan Design believes in decorating with original art in every room of your home.

Consider decorating with original art throughout your process

The end of the project is not the time to think about the “Artwork and Accessories”. We find often that we're left to just get something to fill the space. If we are putting something on the wall just to fill space, does this reflect how our client conducts their everyday life...just filling space?

Instead, I think about these environments as a place that inspires them and promotes a sense of well-being.

We consider the value we're investing in the space, and the return on investment that typically comes with having original fine art in that room.

If selecting artwork is not a forte, I’ve got your back.

You now have an “Art Team.” As a fine artist and interior designer, I know what to look for. I'll work with you to enhance your projects with artwork that will accentuate your well-crafted design. We like to mix different styles of artwork, for example paintings, photography, and sculpture. As well as minding the investment levels in a space - just like we do in our spaces, we swing high and low (well, let's say medium) price points. We handle everything from selecting the art, to the framing, lighting, and proper installation. Click here to discuss our Art Curation services.

Custom artwork is completely attainable.

There is great value in experiencing an artist's work in your everyday life, especially when you are a part of the process in creating it! I'm honored to deliver contemporary custom artwork to my interior design clients and private collectors, as well as other interior designers and architects who have acquired pieces to elevate their projects.

The energy of a commissioned piece is unmatched. It's an honor to sit down with my clients to understand what their preferences are, how they want to art to make them feel, what elements in the room they want to highlight, and whatever else they want to share with me. My first question is always "how do you want to feel in this space." And we go from there...

If you are interested in learning more about our private commissions, we're a click away.

Sending love and luxury,


Eryn Oruncak is the founder, fine artist, and interior designer of Elan Design | Interiors & Fine Art. She combines her practice of interior design with scientific and design principles. Her process of intentionally customizing residences and offices achieves successful spaces that result in enhanced performance and optimized health. Her work has been featured in Hamptons Cottages & Gardens, Business of Home, Kohler 2021 Spring Catalog, Remodelista and several showrooms.

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