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  • How do your virtual consultations differ from full-service design?
    Full-service interior design requires a well-planned investment plan to fully design and execute the project. Our Eye on the Prize Packages and Design Strategy Sessions are an abreviated consultations for those seeking advice from a professional interior designer. They are helpful in helping you conceptualize your space from scratch or seeking a second opinion to help yoyu make a costly decision, we are here to support you. Additionally, some clients use these abbreviated consultations as the first step in determining if Elan Design is a good fit to hire for a full-service project.
  • Do you have to live in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area to retain your services?
    Not at all! The Eye on The Prize Package and our Design Strategy Sessions are conducted via Zoom with anyone, anywhere around the world. Elan Design has also conducted full-service projects in Pennsylvania, New York, and Florida. We are willing and able to help clients wherever their residences may be. Our mission is to offer our clients various ways to gain access to personalized interior design advice, guidance and support.
  • What is your cancellation and reschedule policy?
    You are able to cancel or reschedule your virtual consultation up to one week beforehand for a full refund. Please note, clients are allowed one cancellation and one reschedule between each completed consultation. Any cancellations and/or reschedules beyond that will be declined and charged in full. If you cancel your consultation within one week of your consultation is due to begin, you will unfortunately be charged in full out of respect for our calendar, and reschedules will politely be declined. To cancel a consultation, email us at
  • Will I be able to talk to the designer before the call?
    While you will not be able to discuss your project directly before booking, you will be given the opportunity to fill out an in-depth Questionnaire giving us further information such as project location, style preferences, level of investment, topics and rooms for discussion. In the Questionnaire, you will also upload photos of the space, along with any other presentations, images, or floor plans that you would like to review during your consultation.
  • Am I allowed to bring guests to the consultation?
    Yes, you are allowed to invite other guests to join us provided you are all sharing the same screen. We welcome you to invite a service professional working on your project to join our consultation – such as your contractor, architect, or landscaper. We share the Zoom link with them so that they may access the consultation from their preferred location. You will have the opportunity to provide their information in your Questionnaire. We do not, however, allow for another interior designer to be present on our call. They are most welcome to book a consultation with us on their own, but we've found that the client / designer relationship may become fractured when collaborating with multiple designers.
  • You book consultations with other professional interior designers??
    We absolutely do! We are happy to connect with other designers to offer advice and support with regard to your own projects. We've experienced, ourselves, how that professional second opinion can bring the whole project together and elevate the end result.
  • What is your refund policy?
    We can guarantee that we have the knowledge and experience to advise you on most interior design-related topics. However, Elan Design cannot guarantee that you will be satisfied with all the advice you receive, nor take responsibility for the results of any decisions you make following our consultation. We therefore cannot offer refunds based on your level of satisfaction with your consultation.
  • Will I be able to ask follow-up questions after the consultation?
    We encourage you to prepare a list of questions and topics you wish to cover prior to your consultation so that you can maximize your time and get all the answers you need. If you have any follow up questions or run out of time, we encourage you to book another consultation! If there's a need for a minor clarification, you may send an email to and someone on our team will respond.
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