Elan Design LLC can guide you in creating the finished room you love.  Whether it’s the owner’s suite, the living room, a kids’ lounge, or an office, Elan Design LLC can walk you through the correct steps to bring your space to life, one that best supports your energy and lifestyle.


The thousands of decisions of interior design are typically time-consuming and costly.  Booking a Strategy Day jump starts this process to focus on what you want the end result to be.  This is what we call our "Get it done day".


Ideas that we discuss are:


  • Floor plan layout


  • Furniture and home décor selection and placement


  • Paint and wall treatments


  • Construction and remodel ideas


  • Cabinetry and built-ins


  • Drapery and window treatments


  • Lighting


  • Flooring and rugs


  • Fixtures, finishes, and trims


  • Stores and brands to consider


  • Styling – surfaces, bookshelves, sofas, beds, walls


Clients come away from this meeting with all of their questions answered, feeling excited to begin their project with confidence. Strategy Days last between two and four hours.



Strategy Days cost $2,500

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