I've had other designers in here and no one did what you just did."

Mara W.
Cool Kids Lounge
Cool Kids Lounge
Cool Kids Lounge
Cool Kids Lounge
I envisioned herringbone marble tile the first time I entered the kitchen.  Look how it totally transformed the space.  We changed out the cabinet hardware as well.


"Elan Designs is absolutely the best design firm I've ever worked with. Often you'll work with a designers who force their design and ideas on you.  It's kind of scary and can be costly too.  I've been talked into buying expensive pillows I hated and suggested the worst paint color ever.  Eryn is such a delight, has an amazing eye for design, and she just simply gets it.  She's managed to work in family heirlooms/antiques into my funky/modern style keeping in mind functionality is an absolute must in my house! 


I'd consider myself pretty savvy in design.  I'm the person people would call for design advice.  I've let Eryn go to town on my kitchen, family rooms, and bedrooms -- that should say a lot!!!  I love knowing that I have someone absolutely amazing to call with really unique and brilliant ideas AND she saves me time and money too.  I'm no longer buying random stuff that doesn't quite fit, match, or feel I need to change out since my rooms never seemed finished.  Now I have rooms that are finally complete (woohoo) and I absolutely love, love them.  Elan Designs should be your first call for your next design project!!!"   ~Mara W.