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Her Office

In 2018 we worked on a Her Home Office in Northern Virginia.  The client was an Executive that worked remotely before WFH became popular.    She provided us with a few clear parameters:

it had to be camera ready because she was on Zoom all day, she liked light blue, and "no flowers".


After we completed the renovations, she said to me, "I feel like I should dress up now for work because this office is so amazing. I love it in here. I feel different in here."   I told her, "you're going to show up differently and I guarantee you that you're going to get a raise." 


    In one year she got the raise ... and a promotion.


She told me about something else she didn't expect. "You know that little seating area you made in front of the windows?  The kids get off the bus and come and sit with me every day after school.  I've never had that before. They used to come home, get a snack and get on their computers. Now they come up to the office and sit in those chairs and we talk about the day." 

Home Office Great Falls.png
Home Office Great Falls Work Wall.jpg
Home Office Built Ins.jpg
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