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Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams

Even if you're not "into fashion", the Dior Exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum inspires and explores the relevance of beauty in everyday life.

Creating a room, a painting, and couture all focus on the effort of elevating the experience you have in your environment. Expressing beauty visually in how we dress and decorate our homes, applies to the way we feel.

The House of Christian Dior has an incredible amount of history, all brought to life in a rich exhibition. The Brooklyn Museum brilliantly brought the elements of architecture and their collection of fine art front and center to highlight the depth and breadth of Dior's extensive house of couture that continues to make an impact to women all over the world.

There was an exciting intersection of #fashion #travel #architecture #interiordesign and #fineart. To experience a form of wealth in your everyday life does bring a sense of joy. Whatever that means, I think we all dream of contentment, comfort, satisfaction, inspiration, and achievement - both for ourselves, and our family. Elan Design was born of the desire to bring love and luxury into your home, so that all of us feel our highest sense of peace and power. I saw in this exhibit the driving force that Christian Dior felt in bringing this joy to all of the women he dressed, having a design house that served everything they needed to bring their wardrobe together.

What this exhibit also brought to light for me was how each of these art forms accentuates the other. We know that fashion influences interiors, fine art influences interiors, architecture influences interiors, travel influences interiors, and that interiors influence the way we live.

What I hadn't completely grasped prior to this exhibit is how much each of these art forms influence each other.

I was in awe of how the the display of the black curved panel coupled with the black sculpture speak to the pleats of the skirt.

Basic-ish dress elevated to stunningness when surrounded by elements of fine art.

The work of different fashion designers, like Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Bohan, Gianfranco Ferre, John Galliano, Raf Simons, and Maria Grazia Chiuri were highlighted when paired with their compatible fine art pieces. I loved how they even went so far to place the Marc Bohan's black and white gown facing the Pollock sketches.

Unless you are mesmerized by fashion, you may be asking what does this have to do with me... even if you're still here for that matter.

If you are, I thank you for diving into this with me. I'm not a fashion expert, but I do know how to decorate. I have a sense of style and "good taste." And I know how alive I feel when I experience things like this Dior exhibit.

The pandemic has brought each of our lives under a microscope. We've been in our houses, in our sweatpants, and well I for one, can say that there were definite days that I just felt blah. So I started to look at the beauty around me, and search for whatever pleasure I could find to feed my soul and comfort my body. I started to place visual cues around my house that brought me joy, and clear away those that didn't. Out.

I started to frame and hang some of the artwork that I made throughout the years. It inspires me.

In prior writings, I've touched on the similarities of interior designers to artists. Mostly concentrating on the technicalities, lines, scale and balance. Colors and scent. Functionality.

I think this quote from Christian Dior paints such a clear picture. As much as he understood the power of his dresses.

I understand how to make a queen of the castle.

Elan Design is dedicated to bringing love and luxury to your home, with many different ways. We're loving our virtual consultations that offer clear advise on what things you can do to elevate your rooms. The button here takes you to the right place on the website to answer the question I hear all time, "I've been working on this space for so long, why doesn't it feel done?!"

We have original fine art pieces that elevate your interiors. And after this Dior exhibit, I'll now advise my clients to buy a piece or two for their closets!

Talk to us. Tell us if this article spoke to you. Leave a comment, share with us how we can help you bring the home of your dreams to reality.

As always, sending love and luxury,


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